Industrial and Toxic Pollution

We help clients who have air and water pollution issues related to animal feedlot operations, industrial factories, mining and quarrying operations, leaking underground storage tanks, chemical spills, occupational hazards, brownfields and the disposal and transport of hazardous materials. We help residents, workers, and consumers who have been exposed to pollution and toxic substances emitted by these facilities to get environmental justice.


We advise clients on conserving and preserving their properties and resources using sustainable methods and designs and by using legal tools such as conservation easements. Our attorneys have been successful in preserving historic homes, buildings, and land across Kentucky. This includes the protection of historic and agricultural properties using the National Historic Preservation Act and other laws and regulations.

We also represent and advise clients on wildlife conservation and protection, making sure that laws such as the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Clean Air Act are properly enforced to protect the integrity of the ecology, wildlife, and natural resources of an area.

Eminent Domain

We represent clients on eminent domain issues regarding roads, electrical transmission and power lines, utility stations, and gas, sewer, oil, and water pipelines.